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Machi Blocks Numbers & Colors Basic Set

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  • 1.5 inch solid wood blocks

  • Printed using non-toxic inks

  • Includes one canvas carrying bag

  • Designed in the US

  • Manufactured in China using fair working conditions and sustainable environmental practices. 

  • Conforms to ASTM US safety standards

  • Ages 3+

Machi Blocks are a simple toy designed to teach your child the basics of Mandarin by combining beautifully decorated wooden blocks with an interactive mobile app. Play with the blocks on their own or use them with the augmented reality app to hear accurate Mandarin pronunciation and and enrich your learning experience.


This 20 block set features the numbers 1 through 10 and colors of the rainbow. Each block has English and Chinese translations, as well as Pinyin, the standardized pronunciation system for Mandarin. Includes a canvas carrying bag and instructions on how to download the free Machi mobile app on iOS or Android.

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